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Carl Potter at a power plant conducting a hazard recognition safety inspection

A Safety Professional You Can Trust

Carl Potter is an experienced Certified Safety Professional.  He  wrote and has delivered this workshop to thousands of workers, supervisors, and executives so that they know what to look for and how to mitigate hazards to reduce the risk of injury.

Since 1992 he has been a trusted advisor to high-risk industries across the globe.  Carl is also a highly sought after keynote speaker, author of more than 14 safety books, and is the co-founder of the Safety Institute


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  • 2.5-hours format

Typically, the first thing Carl does is visit your workplace to learn more about your hazards.  With the current limited travel Carl will spend time observing and talking through pictures you provide that will be used in your customized hazard recognition workshop.

As in person Carl's style challenges the participants and engages them in discussions that will lead them to go out and find hazards to mitigate.  This creates a workplace where it is difficult to get hurt.


Money Back Guarantee

Schedule your first class as a pilot to see if it hits the mark.  Following the class an evaluation by participants will determine workshop was a fit.  If evaluations show the hazard recognition workshop was a waste of your organization's time you may claim the guarantee.

To learn more about the guarantee contact Carl by email at: carl@safetyinstitute.com to schedule a call and learn more.

Why Should You Schedule This Workshop?

This is the best safety training you can give your employees.  Hazard recognition is the cornerstone of any successful safety process.  In all industries where people and equipment are involved, the workplaces become dangerous primarily when employees do not practice hazard recognition.  In more than 35 years of industry experience Carl Potter found that employees are trained to control hazards, yet aren’t trained hazard recognition.  In an attempt to help you avoid all injuries and damage to vehicles, equipment and property, Carl designed a solution: Hazard Recognition Workshop.

For information about an on-site workshop email: carl@safetyinstitute.com

There is a reason that OSHA’s General Duty Clause states that employers will provide a workplace free of known hazards.  All osha training promotes hazard recognition.  Hazards cause injury and damage to equipment and property. Injuries from hazards impact families every year and damage to equipment cost organizations thousands of dollars every year.  When would you like to get control of the hazards causing injury in your workplace?

Imagine a worksite where everyone takes responsibility for hazard recognition and control. 

Carl Potter

Begin the process of creating safety competency in your employees by scheduling a workshop at your location, or attending a workshop.

Email Carl Potter at: carl@safetyinstitute.com or call 800.259.6209 to schedule a call or request a quote

Read an article co-authored by Carl Potter in Power Magazine:

Hazard Recognition and Control: Improving Safety's Bottom Line


Testimonials from clients


CEO - Pipeline Construction

Carl Potter has a practical approach to safety, leadership and business that facilitates complete engagement from field level employees through the executive levels. His common sense approach to safety management resonated with our entire team!

Fellow Safety Consultant

Safety. Professionalism. Service. These are just a few of the words that describe Carl Potter and the Safety Institute. With real-life experience AND the noteworthy credentials that show knowledge and expertise, you can trust what you are getting is sound advice and guidance.

Safety Manager - Utility

Carl's passion, professionalism and expertise in the area of workplace safety is unparalleled in the industry. He never steps in front of a group without leaving them with a fresh commitment to safety, new awareness of potential hazards and a better ideas to insure a safer place to work. 

Safety Manager - Commercial Roofing

Another great year working with Carl. His second seminar was his best yet! Carl, reached all the leaders of our company and inspired them to take more action on a personal level. We are better, because of Carl's input. 

President - Electric Utility

I've had the honor of working with Carl in multiple electric utilities. I have always been impressed with Carl's ability to connect with people in a manner that is respectful yet challenging. Carl speaks to people in a way that connects with his audience and commands their attention. His talent and ability to build collaboration at all levels will enhance the collective capacity of an organization to create and sustain the safety results that matter most. I have seen Carl's ability to build engagement and safety ownership under adverse conditions. I believe that one of Carl's greatest strengths is engaging leadership and building consciousness to affect change. I highly and respectfully recommend Carl to any organization that wishes to improve safety culture. 

VP Operations - Utility Construction

I have worked with Carl at several of the utilities I have worked for. He brings a unique blend of subject matter expertise and the uncanny ability to connect with the hourly workers. He truly walks the talk and because he has walked in our shoes, his message and leadership is relevant and successful. I would recommend Potter & Associates to anyone that has a vision of attaining world class safety!